Slash Your Search With Blekko

Blekko is a search company founded by Rich Skrenta. Blekko was founded in 2007 and has received $24 million in funding from U.S. Venture Partners, as well as angel investors including Marc Andreessen, who was instrumental in developing the Web’s first commercial browser, Netscape.

Slash Your Search With Blekko 3
Blekko beta launched on 1st Nov 2010 and gives the customized search results to its users. Blekko users create slashtags, which help to search only the sites users want. Blekko users can also create their own slashtags, allowing them to set up directories and let other people see them. Once the slashtags are set up with relevant keywords and populated with target Websites, users can search only the favorite Websites they desire.

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