How to Increase Sales on Amazon

How to Increase Sales on Amazon

Every amazon seller would like to know how to increase sales on Amazon, there are so many ways to increase sales on amazon.

Increasing organic sales on amazon is more challenging due to the tough competition and overcrowded marketplace.

We have seen discussing sellers about not getting sales on amazon due to very high competition in the particular product categories i.e. Mobile and mobile accessories, computer, and IT peripherals, etc.

Amazon has been growing exponentially in the past few years. It’s currently the largest marketplace worldwide and it also offers other services such as Amazon Web Services, Amazon Prime, etc.

1 Encourage Your Customers to Leave Feedback and Product Review

Encourage your customer to leave feedback and product review after a certain period of order processing .i.e. after a few days for example 7 days.

We have written earlier How to Send Feedback & Product Review Request to Amazon Customers (Free of cost).

Amazon gives importance to the top-rated seller and Customers prefer buying from high-rated sellers. 

Good feedback will assure the customers of the quality of your products. 

Only 5% to 10% of Amazon customers leave a product review and seller feedback

Utilizing a program like Feedback Five can help in increasing the volume of product reviews and seller feedback. 

You can send a written hand note inside the shipment and thanks to the customer for their business and request them to leave a product review and seller feedback.

It’s a little motion, however once in a while, you’ll see that individuals react decidedly to manually written notes. 

Keep in mind: you can’t pay individuals to compose positive reviews and feedback about your items on Amazon.

You can’t give items free to individuals in return to give a positive review and feedback on your items. 

Stay away from paid review and feedback as Amazon tracks everything that looks suspicious.

2 Optimize Product Title & Make it Eye-Catchy

Buyers always see only two things most, product title and product images. The product title should be short, descriptive, and to the point. Here are some of the elements to include in your title:

• Brand Name

• Name of the Product

• Any feature such as color, size, or use

For example, if you sell the T-Shirt, your title could include, Puma T-Shirt – Stretchable – Grey and White Color – Set of 2 – Flower Print

3 Optimize Your Product Description & Bullet Points for Organic Traffic from Amazon and Other Search Engines.

90% of customers search for products on amazon why they are looking to buy them.

Therefore, your products must appear on top of the search results page.  

To know how this works, try to think like a customer, by typing keywords that are relevant and begin.  

Proceed on the search result and see if your products are showing up on the page that is desired.  

You must optimize your product name, description, and bullet points with these relevant keywords. 

We can’t ignore Google and other search engines for organic traffic as 30% of customers land on amazon from search engines so we always put our main keywords in the product title, bullet points, and product description.

4 Sell Product Via FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon)

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is an Amazon service that’s designed to ship and deliver the product on the behalf of the seller.

Amazon gives the preference to FBA sellers because they ship and deliver the product in very little time and that leads to a world-class shopping experience.

All you’ve to send your products to the Amazon fulfillment center and whenever you get the order, Amazon fulfills the order and ships it to the customer. 

That increases the user experience and customers prefer to buy from Amazon fulfilled seller / FBA sellers.

You can increase the sales by almost 30% to 50% as compared to seller fulfilled.

5 Win the Buy Box

Amazon qualify merchant for the buy box who sell similar items. The criteria for choice price, availability, shipping as the general performance of the merchant.

If you are selling generic products and that product is sold by many sellers then your seller rating should be very very high to win the buy box however amazon also considers other parameters.

Amazon Consider following things to win the buy box

Competitive price, FBA or Seller Fulfilled, Free Shipping, Amazon Account Health, Distance between shipper and customer

7 Find Relevant Keywords and Mention in the Product Listing

To find the best keywords for a product, it is important to know what people are searching for on Amazon. With Amazon Keywords Tool, it becomes easy to find relevant keywords for your product page.

The tool lets you view the monthly search volume of keywords and related data as a number of reviews, estimated click-through rate (CTR), competition level, and the average cost per click (CPC). With this information, you will be able to choose the most relevant keywords for your products.

Keywords are an essential part of SEO as they help people discover your site in Google’s search results. They work by showing Google what your page is about so that Google can better understand what to show when someone searches with those words or phrases in a query.

8 Add Video to Product Listing

Amazon is a marketplace that hosts millions of products, and one of the ways sellers can attract buyers to their product is by adding video content to their listings.

More specifically, sellers can upload videos to Amazon’s product detail pages to provide potential buyers with a more comprehensive understanding of the product. 

The video also increases customer confidence in purchasing the product as it shows them what they are getting and how it performs.

Adding videos on Amazon’s listing pages also increases sales as research shows that over 50% of shoppers watch videos before making a purchase decision.

9 Optimize and Improve Images

Your product listing must have exceptional product images that can convince a customer.

Images are essential to the success of an online purchase. They are the number one factor that informs a customer’s decision to purchase a product.

Since we live in a visual world, the images on your product pages must depict your products in the best light. Images should be high quality and show how a product might look in use.

As per the amazon guideline, the first image background should be white however other images backgrounds can be different in color.

Product listing should have at least 4 to 5 images, showing different angles of the product.

10 Amazon Sponsored Ads

Amazon sponsored ads are sponsored product ads that are displayed on Amazon just like google ads display on google. 

The seller has to pay amazon whenever a user clicks on the sponsored ads.

Sponsored ads are required when your product listing is not showing in the amazon search result.

Don’t run ads on the automatic keyword mode as it will not give you sales however you will get more views and click but that can be irrelevant for you. 

Always run ads on manual mode and put relevant, auto-suggest, and long-tail keywords. 

How to Increase Sales on Amazon 1

Always monitor your campaign between 24 hours to 48 hours so that you can make the required changes to it.

The seller can only be eligible to run Amazon-sponsored ads if the seller wins the buy box button.

Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world. In 2017, it generated over two trillion dollars in revenue and sold more than one billion products per day, which translates to a much higher volume of potential customers than most other traditional advertising platforms.

11 Offer Discount/Coupon

The customers who are looking to purchase their first product can now enjoy an offer that will get them to go back to Amazon in the future by getting this discount over and above the product price.

12 Subscription and Save

Amazon offers a subscription and saves option where the customer can choose to buy 3-5 items for a discounted price.

The customer will be able to take advantage of Amazon’s discounts by selecting certain items in specific categories. The more items they select, the bigger the discount they receive. These subscriptions are great if you like to try out new products or if you want to switch up your routine every few months (or weeks).

One of the main advantages of subscribing is that you will not forget about your favorite products because they get delivered regularly.

Selective categories are eligible for subscription and save.

13 Brand Registry

Amazon’s Brand Registry makes it easier for sellers to manage their brands on Amazon. It gives them a centralized, one-stop-shop to update all of their product listings with uniform information.

Amazon Brand Registry is a great strategy for sellers who want to maintain control over how their products are represented on Amazon. This tool lets sellers define their brand’s story and control the customer experience.

The Amazon Brand Registry is an important tool for brands and retailers who want to make sure that they maintain control over how their products are represented on the platform, like trademark protection or inventory visibility.

The brand registry gives so many benefits to the sellers like no other seller can sell the product without brand owner approval.

The seller can make an A+ Content listing on amazon to increase the buyer experience.

How to register a trademark

15 Automate Pricing

Amazon is a retailer that has faced the same problems as most other retailers. It has to set prices for its products which compete with other retailers. Amazon has been using automation to help it price its products.

Amazon started with pricing by setting a price point and then adjusting up or down according to demand, switching prices daily or weekly. But automated pricing is more sophisticated than this, using machine-learning algorithms to predict future demand for any given product and setting prices accordingly.

16 Drive External Traffic

The seller can run the Facebook/google ads to bring external traffic to drive sales on amazon. 

We have seen that big brands run the campaign on google and drive the traffic on amazon to boost the sale.

17 Accept Orders from Amazon B2B Buyer

Accept the orders from B2B buyers as well because many companies have Amazon B2B account and they only prefer to buy from B2B sellers to get the tax credit benefits. 

It surely increases the sales.

One small setting in the amazon seller central will active this service.

18 Product Category

List your product in the relevant category so that amazon can show relevant results to buyers.

Amazon algorithm optimizes listing as per the seller inputs and amazon might delist your product any time due to irrelevant category.

19 Competitive Pricing

A seller should always research competitor pricing before selling any product on amazon because if your product price is higher than your competitor’s, your product listing will be not in the top search result or you will not win the buy box button.

The seller should always head-on with their competitor in every aspect.

20 Arrange and List Unique Products 

If your product will be unique or less competitive then your chance of getting sales is much higher so always research and make a plan accordingly. 

Amazon does not provide any kind of analytics related to sales data however many tools in the market helps sellers to identify profitable and more sellable product on amazon.

Jungle Scout, Market Scout, egrow, Viral Launch, etc

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