Aircel Peek Pocket Email device

Peek is a email device name & Aircel is the channel partner to sell the product in India. Aircel peek is an email device which support multiple email accounts with push email feature. You can configure personal i.e gmail, yahoo etc & official email i.e. POP3, IMAP. It is also supports Microsoft exchange. You just need to enter your first name, last name, email address & password to configure your email in a minute but you can set up to only 3 email accounts.

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Some peek features 
Push Email– You are notified a new email in 3 ways i.e blinking envelope indicator on the top left, vibration & sound alert. 

View Attachment– You can view Microsoft word, Excel, Pdf, any image file.

Full keypad & Large screen– Full QWERT keypad & 2.5 QVGA screen.

Inbox Search– Allow you to search email by name, sender email, date & subject.

Download Contacts– If you have your email contacts in your personal email i.e gmail, yahoo, you can download into peek device.

Security Lock– You can protect your peek with help of password. If you lost your peek device & some body try to enter wrong password 10 times. Your stored personal information will be deleted instantly.

Price– You can buy it from Aircel store at Rs 2999/-

Plan– Initial charges Rs 897 on prepaid for 3 months unlimited email download. After three month Rs 89 for 7 days & Rs 299 for 30 days in prepaid. Initial charges Rs 897 on postpaid for 3 month unlimited email download. After three month Rs 299 will be charged per month.

Some Limitation

You need to carry along with your mobile phone or other important gadget.
You can’t use it with other telecom service providers.

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